About Us

Indonesia is one of the largest producers of cocoa in the world and a significant contributor to the global cocoa trade. The country has favorable growing conditions for cocoa, including a tropical climate and fertile soil, which support the cultivation of high-quality cocoa beans. The majority of Indonesian cocoa is grown on small-scale farms, and the industry provides an important source of income for many rural communities.

The Java Cocoa is a company engaged in the export sector focusing on coconut derivative products. We have distributed our product to a lot of countries. With the support from hundreds of employees and farmers in Indonesia, as well as the best industrial technology, our production and quality control teams are happy to ensure our products meet customer’s expectations. We are committed to our corporate values that prioritize good relationships and satisfaction in doing business with clients.

Our Story

We are The Java Coco specializing in Cocoa grinding products, we would like to introduce our company in cocoa processing industry expertise. From a growing company, we envisioned to be one of the leading cocoa grinding company in Indonesia, and we are tend to grow and make innovations in the future. On behalf of our Company expertise, we would like to open business relationships. We believe through our joint efforts, we shall gain a prospect market in your Country/Region and initiate mutual profits.

Targeted Market


We are committed to our corporate values to prioritize good relationships and meet client's expectations and satisfaction.


We uphold accountability to bring positive results in everything we do.


We'll give the best quality products for our customers by controlling the standard of our products continuously.


We believe that our product meets the specification and standard as an export commodity.


We care and encourage the growth of local society to bring their best work to the global market.

Quality Assurance

"What new way can we think of today, that could increase product quality?"


We build our own laboratory to assure every piece of our product quality. The laboratory has accredited by International charcoal laboratory. Through trials and errors in our own laboratory, we have learned to methodize ways for detecting suspicious product batches through color, moisture, hardness, and texture analysis, as well as through tastetesting that are all part of our standard quality screening parameters.


We empower local farmers to help them produce good cocoa beans, with the quality control procedures that we have implemented. We carry out social movements to ensure quality from upstream to downstream processes

Our Vision & Mission


To become a leading and growing company in the world. Cocoa products are dedicated to delivering superior value to customers, shareholders and employees. The Java Cocoa can actualize the vision simply by following practices are responsible for ensuring the sustainability of all resources, and well-being of the communities in which it does business.


To provide high quality products from Cocoa to health conscious consumers around the world in sustainable and economical way, thus ensuring and fulfilling environmental and community needs at the same time